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    The internet has become a useful and powerful tool for everyone. It allows people to communicate with each other anywhere in the world, however, there is a saying which says “all that glitters is not gold” unfortunately most people think the internet is a fairyland but they don’t know the consequences that come with it. According to the Office of National Statistics 39,3 million people in the U.K use the internet on a daily basis which is 78% of the entire population. But 1.6 million people were victims of an online privacy violation. Why should we use the internet and risk our personal credentials to be exposed? For those who support this, maybe they should reconsider their idea. Multiple people get hacked every day but they do not heed the countless warnings of the victims. They get hacked due to the inability of the internet service providers who don’t have any permission to check or share confidential information. I think the internet is not a safe place to store personal credentials but it’s a good way to socialize with people if a person is either shy or insecure.          On the internet, there are numerous risks. One of them is Phishing, the fraudulent of sending an email purporting to be from acknowledged or reputable companies in order to lead individuals to reveal personal information such as credit card numbers and account passwords. Others can get information even when a computer is offline by the use of applications which acquire data which can be accessed by the source when a user goes online. There is an increase of viruses and malware which can damage one’s computer online or offline for example trojan and Spyware.          Many Individuals are fallen victims of an internet privacy violation although some of them have software such as antiviruses which can prevent viruses. These individuals think that when a person has any anti-software he or she is perfectly safe from the dangers of the internet. However, they do not realize when frequently online shopping on unreliable and untrustworthy websites which require personal information can be a huge risk because such sites have low security which can be encrypted by a group of hackers easily. This can be prevented by clearing a browser’s cache and history. Which can be accompanied by usage of a strong password which includes numerous and special characters and letters.           In addition to the stated measures, people should always keep their computer software up to date to avoid vulnerability. Through outdated systems, viruses cannot be detected which can leave ones computer open for updated viruses. On the other hand, users should avoid using free wifi networks since such networks might be used by hackers who have network sniffers which retrieve crucial information. Lastly, people should always update their software and change their privacy settings on a regular basis.    Overall internet privacy begins with a users behavior regarding internet usage. I recommend that users should strongly incorporate all measures and should be careful revealing personal information online. In general, Individuals should be fully aware of their internet privacy rights and should fight for them when breaches occur.