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ThetaHealing Trainings

ThetaHealing® Practice Circle


This Circle is a place where Thetahealing® Practitioners can continue to deepen into their personal work, and sharpen their professional skills, using the Unconditional Love of All That Is. There is great transformative power in coming together to utilize this powerful technique, and especially in doing it with others who are equally committed to the path. We aim that this Circle will provide a consistent space, where you will feel held, supported, guided and ultimately celebrated in the achievement of your goals and dreams...all with a lot of laughter, fun and the magic of Theta along the way.

"Anjuli is both a compassionate and powerful healer and teacher. She has a wonderful gift in sharing her teachings and her presence brings instant calm and nurturing. She is the real deal!" ~Corin Grillo, MA, LMFT

At Each Circle We Will:

  • Do Digging & Clearing on a Specific Theme (Money, Soulmates & Relationships, Health & Diseases, Self Love, Trauma, Addictions, Joy & Resilience etc.)  
  • Go over the ThetaHealing® Technique and Modalities in more detail and refresh your memory and skills
  • Deepen your ability to do Readings, DIG for Beliefs, and Do Advanced Level Clearing
  • Do Remote Healings for any friends, family members or clients in need
  • Provide a space where you can ask questions and gain consultation for your self or any clients you may be seeing as a ThetaHealer
  • Download You With Thousands More Beliefs on Greater Health & Vitality; Soul Mate and Relational Love: Improving Your Abilities as a Healer
  • Reclaim your JOY and Take Your LOVE, ABUNDANCE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH Manifestations for the Year to Their Next Level
  • Reconnect with the ThetaHealing® Energy; The Unconditional Love of All That Is, amidst the Support and Consultation of Your Peers and Teacher

10 Monthly ThetaHealing® Practice Circles
March-December 2017, 10 Thursdays: 6:00 - 8:30 pm
Mar 2, Apr 13, May 4, Jun 1, Jul 13, Aug 10, Sep 7, Oct 12, Nov 2, Dec 7
Albany, CA 

Investment in Self: $750 for all 10 circles

**Please note this is not a Drop In Circle. Participants sign up for the entire series, and may miss up to 3 and still continue with circle. All payments are final and non-refundable.**

Please email to register for spot. Space is Limited and will be First-Come, First-Serve.

ThetaHealing Practice Circle ~ all 10

Contact information:

Anjuli Sherin, LMFT49795, CHT, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer® 
(510) 277 1789 |