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Welcome to Heart Held Healing with Anjuli Sherin!

It is my unequivocal belief that Healing is Possible and that each person who walks through my door has incredible resilience, strength, inner wisdom and the potential to live the fullest expression of their soul.

I believe each of us feels the desire to live a passionate and full existence; to be accepted for who we are; to love and be loved deeply and well; to find fulfillment in our life work; to dream and to manifest dreams into creation; to give our children and family the best of ourselves; to transmute pain, suffering and trauma into understanding, freedom and joy; and to make our peace with death and dying.

My commitment is to facilitate this process of Living and Loving Fully and Well. I have had a deep and instinctive love for people, and a desire to know and connect with the world around me from a very young age. I am wholeheartedly invested in personal transformation and using the opportunity we have in this lifetime to soak in, relish and expand into all of who we are and all that life has to offer. I have over eleven years experience working with a diverse array of clients on issues of:

Trauma and Abuse ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Difficulty in Relationships and Boundary Setting

Loss and Grief ~ Self Esteem and Loneliness/Isolation ~ Spiritual Connection ~ Manifestation/ Goal Setting

My approach is to first and foremost trust in the power of the therapeutic relationship, and that “listening deeply” with “compassion and great respect” is profoundly restorative for a person’ soul. 

This means that not only will you find yourself with a place to talk, gain new insight into, and mentally shift the issue you are working on;  you will also have lots of practice in changing behavior, taking active steps, and knowing exactly howyou can start doing something different along with thinking, feeling, and energetically knowing that the situation and you are changing.

I believe each person who walks in my door deserves access to all the tools I have acquired in my years of training, and depending on your needs, sessions will include talk therapy, somatic (body) work, hypnotherapy, Energy and ThetaHealing®, Reiki, Dream Work, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Art work, and Group Workshops.  

I believe in this work and I welcome you.

Anjuli  Sherin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Somatics and Trauma Bodywork and Therapy Practitioner, with over eleven years experience providing transformational healing and therapy to individuals, couples, adolescents and children. With cultural roots in America and South Asia, she is committed to bringing transformational healing to people from diverse backgrounds, with a special interest in South Asian, Middle Eastern and other international populations, as well as the LGBTQ community. Sessions and groups are provided in English, Urdu and Hindi. Ms. Sherin conducts live sessions in the SF Bay Area, phone sessions worldwide, and conducts ThetaHealing® Trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and internationally, and welcomes requests for speaking engagements and trainings.

Ms. Sherin has the privilege of being recognized for her work with awards including the 2007 Emerging Leader Award from e-women network, and by O Magazine/White House Leadership Project’s Women Rule Leadership Program. 

She is proud to serve as a yearly volunteer for Amma, acclaimed humanitarian and spiritual teacher, whose message of love and service for all, and whose blessing in the form of a “hug,” are her daily inspiration. We must be the LOVE we wish to see in the world.


Contact information:

Anjuli Sherin, LMFT49795, CHT, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer® 
(510) 277 1789 |